Other Questions

What is a burial vault and do I have to use one?

As defined by the national Concrete Burial Vault Association, Outer Burial Receptacle are of two types:

A concrete grave liner, which is a burial receptacle placed in the ground in a cemetery. It may be sectional, dome or box form-designed and built to support the weight of the earth and standard cemetery maintenance equipment to prevent the grave from collapsing.
A concrete burial vault, which is a lined and sealed burial receptacle which performs all the functions of the concrete grave liner, and in addition is designed and constructed using one or more lining and sealing materials to increase the overall tensile strength of the finished unit and to reduce the risk of intrusion of exterior elements.

Concrete burial vaults are offered in triple, double and single reinforcement and use bronze, copper and stainless steel as well as ABS and Strentex materials in their construction. New York State law does not require the use of a burial vault. However, most cemeteries require the casket to be placed in a suitable outer receptacle.

How can I arrange for my funeral ahead of time and what is the advantage?

There are several advantages to making funeral pre-arrangements.

Making pre-arrangements allows a family time to consider options and decide what services are appropriate for them. It relieves the family members of the burden of making decisions at the time of death. It allows the family, as an act of love and consideration, to pre-pay the funeral expenses.

Funeral pre-arrangements can be made simply by calling, E-mailing or writing to us. Arrangements can be made at your home or at the Lucey-VanVoorhis Funeral Home.

What should I do if a death occurs out of town?

Regardless of the day or time, or the locality where the death occurs, it is important to contact the Lucey-VanVoorhis Funeral Home first. We can then direct the necessary services on your behalf. Failure to contact us first may result in duplication of services and excess cost.

How can I help my younger children cope with the loss of a loved one?

Much has been published on the need for educating children about death. Experts in this field agree that there is every good reason to guide youngsters gently and honestly into an early understanding of this puzzling aspect of life. In answer to this question, we wish to make available an excellent booklet called "Answers to a child's questions about death". It can be ordered free of charge via our Information request selection.

When I come to the funeral home to pay my respects, what should I say to the grieving family?

Our best advice is to be yourself. By having a public service, the family has invited you to come and share this time with them. Feel free to relate any story, memory or kind word as it relates to the deceased. The family will cherish your fond remembrances.

Our school is offering a death and dying course. Would we be able to visit the funeral home to tour the facility?

The Lucey-VanVoorhis Funeral Home offers tours to any interested group or individual at their request. This comprehensive inside look covers all aspects of the funeral home. Please call, visit or email for more information