Can your funeral home conduct a funeral service, cremation or burial out of town?

Yes. Our facility is located in Victor, NY., but this does not limit us to any geographical area. We are able to conduct funeral services, cremation or burial in any location we are asked to serve. Please see our home page for the communities we serve most often.

My son lives out of town. Would our funeral service have to take place before he arrives?

No. Funeral services are planned at a time that meets the family's needs. Quite often funeral services are delayed to allow families to gather. The embalming procedure allows the funeral home to delay viewing if this service is selected.

Do you conduct military funeral services?

Yes. We are in constant contact with all our local veterans groups and with their help, accord military honors such as honor guard, flag services, firing squad and Taps. The Lucey-VanVoorhis Funeral Home flies its flag at half staff to honor any veteran whose family we are privileged to serve.

Does your funeral home handle funeral services for infants?

At a difficult time, such as the loss of an infant, it is important for us all to remember that all life, no matter how brief, is precious. Our comprehensive services are offered to the families of infants as they are to families of adults. This may include the selection of embalming, viewing and visitation, funeral with burial / cremation along with casket selection.